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The Cast Off Constitution

Cast Off knitting club was established in 2000. It's aims are to promote the art of knitting as a healthy, contemporary and creative pastime, through the establishment of a club dedicated to the craft.

Cast Off activities provide an alternative to the usual and often alienating networks in the world of handicrafts. By arranging fun and adventurous knitting meetings and workshops in a range of unusual public settings. Cast Off aims to introduce a wide cross section of people to the craft. By providing materials and tuition, to beginners and more advanced knitters. Cast Off aims to educate and spread the creative potential of knitting.

Cast Off aims to include people of all backgrounds in its activities and no one is excluded from the club. Cast Off has an anti-discrimination policy which means that anyone regardless of age, cultural background, gender, disability and health status is welcome. Cast Off believes that knitting can be good for all.

The Praise of the Needle

To all dispersed sorts of ARTS and TRADES,

I writ the needles prayse (that never fades)

So long as children shall be got or borne,

So long as garments shall be made or worne,

So long as Hemp or flax or Sheep shall bear

their linnen woollen fleeces yeare by yeare:

So long as Silk-wormes, with exhausted spoile,

Of their own Entrailes for man's gaine shall toyle:

yea till the world be quite dissolv'd and past;

So long at least, the Needles use shall last.

JOHN TAYLOR, London 1640